Asador Ilunbe


On 13 May 2009, the Illunbe Restaurant Grill celebrated its seventh anniversary since José Ángel Aguinaga and his team moved to Madrid in 2002.

The celebration started at 19h30 with a large selection of tapas featuring all of the delicacies prepared at Illunbe.

A number of hams were also sliced and offered to the guests by prestigious experts. The whole feast was washed down with excellent wine from the Illunbe cellar. Guests at the event consisted of regular friends and clients of the restaurant.


  • Asparagus. April, May and June.
  • Boletus mushrooms. April, May and from October until the first frosts.
  • Perritxiko mushrooms (from Alava). April and May.
  • Anchovies. June and July.
  • Artichokes. November to March.
  • Peas. March and April.
  • Broad beans. March and April.
  • Sea bream. All year round. Best months: September and October.
  • Tuna. July to September.
  • Meat. All year round.
  • Seafood. Months with an “r” in them.
  • Truffles. November to March.
  • Elvers. November to March.
  • Fresh white beans. Early September until late October.
  • Black beans from Tolosa. From October on, throughout the whole winter.
  • Game. From November onwards.
  • Hot red peppers. All year round. Harvested in October and November.
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